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Participated in the InterlWeighing 2017 Exhibition

ZEMIC Participated in the InterlWeighing 2017 Exhibition

From April 6 to 8, the InterWeighing 2017 Exhibition was held in Shanghai at New International Expo Center. More than 300 exhibiters from home and abroad attended in this exhibition. ZEMIC focuses on exhibiting intelligent manufacturing and smart factories, car networking system, digital modules, sensors and straingauges, totally five categories of products. ZEMIC’s general manager Liu Dongping, vice president Yang Zhanghuai and Hu Yanglin led the group of over 40 participants, which consists of R&D, technology and marketing staff, to attend the exhibition.

ZEMIC attended the exhibition in association with ZEMIC Yaohua. During the exhibition, ZEMIC took a new products introduction and technology exchange for automation system, Vehicle Internet system, digital module and other products shown in the exhibition. Meanwhile, ZEMIC’s technologists and sales selected the developing trending information on ZEMIC’s products-related industry and new technology, understand the market dynamic and customers’ potential needs, figure out our advantages and disadvantages, summarize the marketing strategy for the following better work.

During the exhibition, ZEMIC signed the management contract for the new year with distributors from Turkey, Iran and other countries, reached a preliminary consensus on marketing exploration with each other, and strengthened the basis of ZEMIC’s international marketing development. From the communication with ZEMIC Europe and Ukraine distributors, we find that ZEMIC brand has influence, market popularity and huge development potentiality in the foreign market. They gave a highly evaluation on ZEMIC’s exhibition booth and exhibited products, and indicated that exhibition help them get closer to ZEMIC, grasp more accurate information, strengthen the confidence of win-win corporation. Meanwhile, they and ZEMIC get a better and better development.

After the exhibition, over 20 foreign customers visited ZEMIC on April 9 to make a one-week communication visit which mainly about manufacturing and production, operating management, process control, international certification and etc.


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