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ZEMIC got A Level evaluation

ZEMIC information disclosure got A Level evaluation of Shenzhen stock exchange


In the“Company of Growth Enterprise Board information disclosure overview report 2015 ”issued by Shenzhen stock exchangeSSE, ZEMIC got A level information disclosure evaluation. It means ZEMIC has gotten A level for four years since SSE began list company information disclosure evaluation in 2011.

The total number of company listed in the evaluation report is 492, company with A level is 19.72% with dropped 1.42% from last year of the same period. There is only ZEMIC gotten A level in Shaanxi province and all other company in Shaanxi is B or C level. The 4 years A level and 2 rewards“golden Board Secretary ”&”excellent Board Secretary of Growth Enterprise Board” show High reorganization and affirmation on information disclosure and investor relationship from regulation department and investor. ZEMIC will promote information disclosure level and improve investor relationship management to set good impression in capital market.

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