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Ma Zhongping Visited ZEMIC

 Ma Zhongping Visited ZEMIC


April 13, Mr. Ma Zhongping the former chairman of the CPPCC Shaanxi Province, and now deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National, and Mr. Fan Xiaomei the former Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Provincial People's Congress deputy director, with other eight people visited ZEMIC Hanzhong Branch and ZEMIC101 sub-company. ZEMIC President Mr. Kang Xuejun, Party secretary Mr. Zhao Guoqing, deputy general manager Mr. Zhou Yu, Mr. Hu Yang Lin, Mr. Guo Ning and Discipline Committee, were accompanied for this visiting.

Mr. Ma Zhongping and his team had great interests in product performance, production processes and market applications etc., of ZEMIC rapid development in recent years, particularly in promoting the progress of lean production, automation improvements are achieved, as well as through the company's military business capital development achieve strong support is appreciated. At the same time, as the old leadership of ZEMIC, Mr. Ma Zhongping watched ZEMIC for every change and progress.Looking back at the year of production technology and comparing to today's production technology level, the old leader said he was very pleased. He also encouraged ZEMIC to seize good opportunities asthe first year of"Thirteen Five" plan, to adapt to the country's economic development in a new image, to keep innovation and benefit, to promote enterprise development to a new level.


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